See the Podcast LIVE Right Now in iTunes!

FMWDWe're fully live on iTunes now!

If you go here you can subscribe and download the first three episodes right now!

We'll post new episodes every week.  We've recorded 10 so far and each one gets better and better as the microphone becomes less of a distraction and we get into talking about things like playing, giving, business, flying cars, and what Pavlos would do if he made the rules.


Check back in for full show notes and individual posts for each episode, too!

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The Podcast is LIVE!!! And a TeeSpring Campaign to help a friend!

FMWDThe good news is the podcast is live.  The feed is submitted and three episodes are available.

The bad news is the feed is hidden right now.  We have submitted it to iTunes and Stitcher Radio and are waiting for them to work their magic.

Once iTunes and Stitcher to approve it and then you'll get the first three episodes of Five Minutes With Dad right away!

What I love most about these episodes and that they might be the first time Pavlos and our special guest have been behind a microphone ever.

And it's definitely my first time trying to get a 4 and 2 year old to sit still for more than 30 seconds with out a seatbelt of Mac n' Cheese to help…

I've recorded over 10 episodes with him and we'll release the others every week as we record more and more.

We just recorded two awesome episodes last night.

I'm way too excited about this.  The two latest episodes (8 and 9) are probably our best yet!  

Pavlos is getting even more comfortable behind the mic.

I'm getting more comfortable interviewing him in a way that lets him shine.

And we even have a couple guests watch us record some episodes, which Pavlos loves.

In the meantime, Pavlos and I have lent our brand to a friend to help raise money during a tough time.

She's a single mother and got laid off and pushed out of her apartment all within a week.  She's on the upswing, for sure, but could use some extra help transitioning to a new job and apartment.

So Pavlos and I started a TeeSpring campaign selling shirts to support her.

The proceeds will go directly to her and her kids for transition expenses.

You can check it out here!  We need to sell 20 shirts by the deadline to make it happen!

We got 2 weeks to go!


Welcome to the Home of the Five Minutes With Dad Podcast!

Pavlos and I are psyched to launch the Five Minutes With Dad Podcast!

Be sure to check back in for the countdown to our official launch!

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for our mailing list and we'll let you know when it's live.

And if you have any question for Pavlos or Nick send them over to nick (at) fiveminuteswithdad (dot) com!