104: How to Show Love So Your Family Feels it (and a Challenge)

Because expressing love is not about you. It's about making others feel it.

In this episode of the Five Minutes With Dad kids podcast and parenting podcast, a 7-year-old learns how to express love so the person feels it and Nick challenges people to take the FREE 7-day family challenge brought to you by Ziglar Family at www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/ZiglarFamily.

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Check out this week's resource, the free 7-day Ziglar Family Challenge. It's a free challenge to improve your family life by the Ziglar Family. I'm honored to promote it with them. If you want to do it with me, go to www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/ZiglarFamily, sign up, and then listen to my other podcast at ATerribleHusband.com/Podcast!

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