#002: Special Mother’s Day Episode

What toddlers think of their Mom, in their words.

What toddlers think of their Mom, in their words.In this episode, Pavlos and I chat about his mom and Mother's Day. He tells us how old he thinks his mom is, brings his sister in for a quick Mother's Day message, and reveals what he would buy his mom if he could get her anything in the world.  You have to hear his answer!

If you're talented with a pen and paper, or graphic design, and want to have some fun, share your best rendition of what Pavlos describes and I'll share it here!  Be sure to put your website on the pic if you got one so people can know where to find you!

Pavlos also shares his Happy Mother's Day song and puts me on the spot to sing one too…

How cute is his little Jersey accent?!?!  I should have named this episode the Special Mudder's Day Episode… 

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Generation Grit – Generation Grit is bringing to life a collection of characters, inspiring boys to live their best adventure. Each character has an action figure, books, and accessories – all created to spark hours of reading and imaginative play.

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