Get Your Five Minutes With Dad Gear!

A great way to support the show and show your family spirit to the world!

Are you ready to show your family spirit? We set up a shop though Customized Girl to offer you these custom Five Minutes With Dad gear for the whole family!

So if you're ready to be the coolest Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, or family on the block, stock up on this Five Minutes With Dad gear for the whole family!

Even better, if you send us pics of you wearing your Five Minutes With Dad gear, we might just give you a shout out on social media! Get the whole family or a large group together and we'll give you a shout out on the show!

And we'll be doing giveaways for folks who wear the gear!  This will be fun!

Just click on what you like – and be sure to check the size charts on the pages – and grab some gear!

A few things to note:

  • Clicking on the images below will send you straight to that item in the Customized Girl store!
  • You can change the color of the item right in the Customized Girl page!
  • Be sure to check the Size Chart and Design Details tabs under the image to get the right size and item!
  • The site offers bulk discounts. The more you buy the more of a discount you get (I believe you can get half off by buying 48 items in any combination. Don't hold me to it, but I placed an order and once I hit 48 items across various sizes and styles it knocked down the discount to 50%.
  • Customized Girl usually offers free shipping if you spend $60 or more. Check out what they offer for free shipping so you can make sure you get the best bang for your buck!
  • Be sure to search the internet for Customized Girl coupon codes if you're not ordering enough for a bulk discount because we're all about saving money here!

Ok, now check out the cool Five Minutes With Dad gear right here!