#009: Pavlos Reveals His Plans for His Flying Car

Five Minutes With Dad - Pavlos Reveals His Plans for His Flying Car!In this episode, Pavlos talks about his big plans for his flying car and how you all can join in the fun!

Resource of the week:

Tickle Monster Hide and Go Seek – No link for this one. This is just a simple game of hide and go seek, but the “searcher” is the Tickle Monster, who counts to ten, growls Fe Fi Fo Fum, Ready or Not, Here I Come! When the Tickle Monster finds the kids, he tickles them. Then they turn into the Tickle Monster and search for you! Pavlos and Angela to play this game almost every day!

Also, in this episode I encourage you to check out the Winning Youth Coaching website and podcast. I've become friends with the host who is doing some really great stuff over there!

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