106: Parenting Fail Caught on Tape: A Mindfulness Lesson that Never Was

How to talk about mindfulness with your kids. And how not to.

In this episode of the Five Minutes With Dad kids podcast and parenting podcast, a dad tries to teach his daughter mindfulness and fails miserably….

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Resource of the Week:

Zig Ziglar Family Community at www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/Community.

Here's how Thrive, the Ziglar Family Community checks all the boxes I want from a community like this:
The Thrive community was created to help your family be, do, and have more of all that you were meant for.

So what’s it all about?

Well, first, and most importantly, the Thrive community provides some foundational resources to get your family started right away on the path from launch to legacy.

You’ll start with a foundational guided learning experience called Families that Win.

You’ll position your family to win and define what winning means for your family.

You’ll get clarity on your family direction with the Ziglar Family Purpose Creator™.

You’ll learn practical ways to guide your family to consistently be, do and have more using the Ziglar Family GPS™.

This experience will be unlocked one week at a time and delivered in manageable, bite-size sessions you can process at your own pace.


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They’ll feature Thrive Family Focus, an in-depth interview with a guest expert. They’ll focus on a specific topic or area of family life and go deep to learn from the best!

You’ll get Thrive Family Essentials content each month. This will be a valuable downloadable, teaching resource that will equip you to overcome specific family challenges.

You’ll enjoy the Thrive Family Spotlight. In these fun, family-friendly interviews, they'll highlight a family that has experienced success in a specific area of life so we can all learn from their experience.

Mark Timm, Ziglar Family CEO, will conduct Thrive Live Coaching calls each month to answer specific questions from the community. He’ll often be joined by the Thrive Family Focus expert and questions can be submitted beforehand. These coaching sessions are a lot of fun and will be recorded for easy, 24/7 access, so if you can’t make the live call, you can always listen in later.

In addition to all of this, what really makes the community THRIVE is the connection with other families in the community. Initially, you can engage with other families in our private Facebook group available only to other THRIVE members. You can ask questions, get encouragement, and find inspiration.


They'll be adding forums within the community portal soon, but until then, you’ll be able to connect with families who are on the same journey as you via our exclusive Facebook page. (Including me!)

Here's the link one more time: www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/Community

Find all resources on our Resources Page at www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/Resources.

Five Minutes With Dad is a kids podcast, family podcast, and parenting podcast that stars eight-year-old Pavlos, five-year-old Angela, and their thirty-eight-year-old dad Nick Pavlidis. This is the podcast where you get to listen in on a little father-son and daddy-daughter time and learn about great resources to connect with your kids. Five Minutes With Dad is a podcast for kids, by kids.

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