#004: Happy Birthday Pavlos and Happy Father’s Day

In this episode, we talk about Pavlos's (or is is Pavlos'?  I should probably know that shouldn't I?) birthday party and Father's Day.  It's a quick, fun episode.  And to my surprise, Pavlos called the “learning tablet” that my sister got Pavlos for his birthday with activities and “games” for him to learn letters, etc., his “cell phone.”  ARGHGH!

I'm not “against” kids and technology.  I just prefer to have it supplement face-to-face imaginative play and be a treat from time to time, rather than a primary source of entertainment and play.  I tried to talk with him about it like that on the episode, but clearly it's a cell phone with games to him….

That's not necessarily all bad, of course, as if he likes playing the “games” that actually teach him stuff then that's great.  But if he's just slinging birds at green pigs all day, I got some work to do!

Resource of the week:

Smart Kids Launch Pad – a website of free fun and learning activities from the team at Dave Ramsey’s organization where your kids can earn badges they can print and color for free or get stickers sent to them for only a small shipping fee.

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