90: How to Teach Your Kids About Gratitude

Because gratitude is a surefire cure for the grumpies!

One of the best traits you can teach your kids is to be gracious, to be thankful. In this episode of Five Minutes With Dad, we celebrate Independence Day in America and talk about how to form an attitude of gratitude.

Resource of the Week:

Check out this week's resource of the week, another parenting website, www.GetConnectDad.com where Julian Caldwell talks about 52 traits he is working on with his kids. It's so similar to what we are doing here and I just love finding and sharing other sites like Julian's. The more people we have working together to make families stronger, the better the world will be for the people who matter most! If you want to see all 52 traits, head directly to www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/GetConnectDad.

Find all resources on our Resources Page at www.FiveMinutesWithDad.com/Resources.

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