#001: A Podcast Starring a 4-Year Old!

Five Minutes With Dad - A Podcast Starring a 4-Year-OldSo that's it!  We're Live!

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We have one per week scheduled already through the summer and will continue to post them every week!

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About the Show:

Five Minutes With Dad is the podcast where you get to listen in on a little father-son time with me and my four-year-old son Pavlos.

The podcast is all about powering down and spending some extra quality time with your kids.  We'll share resources and have a lot of fun along the way.

And we keep it nice and short.

For two reasons:

First, have you ever tried to keep a four year old in a chair with big headphones and a monster-sized microphone for more than 9 seconds?  🙂

Second, we keep it short so we all can power down and get back to some awesome face-to-face time with the kids.

Every week we'll share a resource with you, too!

Pavlos and I have a great time just introducing you to our personalities and our chemistry.  And we have a special guest who I know you'll love!

This week's resource of the week:

Ivy Kids – Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box service, started by a friend of mine, for children ages 3-8. Our goal is to make every moment with your child “quality time.” Have the tools at your fingertips to ensure your child has a solid foundation in math, literacy, and science. Help your child build confidence and be well-rounded in all disciplines to ensure future academic success. The activities in the Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own.

Check it out!

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